Help your patients take the medications you prescribe to them
50% of your patients are non-compliant
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Medication Management starts when you write a prescription and ends with pharmacist fills the script. For 100’s of years your profession has been making the assumption that your patients will follow your directions to the letter. But as you know, 50% or more of your patients do not adhere to those instructions. Medication Forgetfulness is the core reason why millions of American’s are non-compliant with regards to their medication protocols.  

Reminder Calls


Breakfast Call

Lunch Call

Dinner Call

Bedtime Call


The Solution:
Hello, my name is Mike Smith and I believe I have a solution for this exact issue. We are a voice base Medication Management Service that delivers scheduled PILL REMINDER as a method of prompting a person into taking action by letting them know it’s time to take their scheduled dose of medications NOW! Depending on the time the call is scheduled the service will remind a person to take either their: breakfast – lunch – dinner or bedtime medications. If there isn’t a live answer, the service leaves a message. For the past 30 months seniors from around the country have been using our service to help them take their medications on time daily.
If I can get people in their teens to their 90’s, to take their medication on time using our service daily, I feel very confident that we can help the majority of your patients in your practice to become medically compliant.

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