Fight For The Independence Of Your Patients

Don’t let your patients be sent to pasture, fight for their independence! Help your patients age in place!

We are a proven TeleHomeCare service that helps your patients/clients take each scheduled dose of medication daily. If they can answer the phone and follow voice instructions; they should never miss another dose of medications again! As a Home Care or Pharmacy professional you know first hand how hard it is for some patients to take their medications as prescribed by their doctors. Medication management is something that each of your patients/clients would benefit from, plus the longer we can keep them healthy the longer you’ll be able to service them. We are a nation wide TeleHomeCare provider. We are HIPPA compliant and ready to do business with each of you!

Reminder Calls

Breakfast Call


Lunch Call


Dinner Call


Bedtime Call



If you listened to our Reminder Messages you'll notice we remind a person to not only take their schedule dose of medications but we also encourage them to eat either their breakfast, lunch and dinner every time we call. You are in a perfect position to gauge who would best benefit from this calling service and who would not. I urge you to try our service out on a few of your patients and see for yourself how effective our service can be. This is a self pay service with plans starting at $.50/day. I'm willing to work with your company any way possible to provide your patients/clients with one of the best
Pill Reminder Service available today.

I urge you to contact me Mike Smith today at 972-360-8630