Millions of American's Ask Themselves:

Have I Taken My Pills Today?

60% of people who need to take medication daily are non-compliant; meaning they forget to take their medication on time daily. If this describes you or a loved one, forgetting to take your medications could mean: taking too many pills, taking too few pills, taking pills too late or not at all. The result is a person or loved one who is at greater risk for heart attacks, strokes, seizures, slips, falls, drug overdosing, costly emergency care or hospitalization.

For most people all they need is a tap on the shoulder, a nudge if you will, to remind them to take their pills on time every day. Pill Reminder provides that nudge by calling your home or mobile phone daily to tell you it is time to take your breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime medications. We offer a daily plan of action that is repetitive and easy to follow. Pill Reminder Service Is an outbound voice messaging service that calls you at scheduled times throughout the day to remind you to go to where you keep your pills and to take them now. If you’re not home our system will leave you a voice mail telling you it is time to take your scheduled dose of medications now.


Reminder Messages

Breakfast Call

Lunch Call

Dinner Call

Bedtime Call


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