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Having a list of the current medications, vitamins and supplements you're taking is a life saving tool for you and your spouse. Why?

  • First Reason: it gives medical first responders insight to your condition, what medications and supplements your taking and what actions to take on your behalf to treat you and who to call in case of a medical emergency.
  • Second Reason: if you have more than one doctor prescribing medications to you; this list should be taken with you to each doctors appointment to show the doctor or nurse all the medications you are taking, including all of the over the counter pills, such as vitamins and supplements.
  • Third Reason: If you feel like you're having an adverse reaction to the medications you are taking, you or a loved one can take this list to a pharmacist to see if any of the medications and supplements you're taking are causing you to have an adverse reaction such as and not limited to: dizziness, unsteady on your feet, headaches, blurry vision, overly tired, lack of appetite, dry mouth, constipation or diarrhea. Bottom line: if you're not feeling like yourself it could be you are having an adverse reaction to specific combinations of medications and over the counter pills.
  • Fourth Reason: We've teamed up with a web site called Drugs.Com with this list you just created you can log on to the site, sign up for its free service and input the medications you take to see if any of the combination of medications could be causing your adverse reaction to a specific set of medications.

Our goal is to help you take control over your medication protocols; start by downloading our Pill List and enter all of the medications you take by time for all of your doses. Once you have your list complete you can then go to Drugs.Com to see if any of your medications could be causing you or a loved one adverse reactions to your medications. Click this link to our Drug Interactions Checker Page

Once you are done entering all of your medication print 1 copy for you to carry, 1 copy to put on your refrigerator, 1 copy to place in your car, and 1 copy for your kids to have.

When every you have a change in your medication, you'll need to make the change on your list to keep it up to date and then reprint 4 copies.

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