Medication Forgetfulness; A Billion Dollar Problem in America

Medication Noncompliance Is a Growing Epidemic

As someone who takes a lot of vitamins and a prescribed medication, I must admit that I often forget to take them at the appropriate times. There are some days where I forget to take them altogether. I have tried leaving notes to myself and my wife has taken steps to ensure that I remember, such as leaving them in places I am bound to see them and asking me several times a day.

Unfortunately, I am just one of millions who are often forgetful when it comes to taking vitamins and medications. The name for my problem is medication noncompliance. According to a joint report by CVS Caremark, Harvard, and Brigham Women’s Hospital that was referenced an article by The Fix, 35% of 100,000 patients don’t take their medications as directed. Because of those who don’t take those medications as directed, there will be 5 strokes, 16 heart attacks, and 7 deaths. The study also states that the financial cost of this problem is more than $250 billion in hospitalizations and emergency room visits that would not have occurred otherwise.

A new company is tackling this major problem. Pill Reminder Service is a unique company that is offering the first pill reminder service of its kind. The service starts at $15 a month and delivers calls up to four times a day at scheduled times to remind the customer that they need to take their medications.

The Dallas/Fort Worth Company is gaining attention as this problem continues to spiral out of control. Their “goal is to remind you to take your pills on time each and every day.” For more information on the company and their services, visit

The service could help solve the problem as relying on myself and even other people often fails to help me take my vitamins and medications. The repetitive reminder through a phone call would give me a higher likelihood of remembering to take the pills.


Creating a specific routine and finding the right solution for you or your loved ones to take their medication at the appropriate times is worth your attention and should be addressed before it does any more damage. It is clear that medication noncompliance is a widespread problem that takes a toll on millions of families and even the economy. Services such as the Pill Reminder Service may be able to put a dent in a multi- billion dollar problem.


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