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The goal of Pill Reminder Service is to assist your residents in becoming medically compliant with regards to their prescription medications. Meaning we help them to remember to take their scheduled doses medications daily. It's a known fact that taking medications as prescribed by a doctor is the best and easiest method to maintain ones health long term. This service reaches out to remind and prompt each of your residences into taking action daily. We designed this service as if it were a loving daughter reminding an elderly parent that it's time to take their scheduled dose of medications.

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Did you know that 20% of slips and falls among seniors is due to medication forgetfulness. Did you know that 60% of emergency room visits among seniors is due to medication forgetfulness. Medications forgetfulness is the highest among seniors who live in your communities like yours and yet most of you do not offer a service that 100% of your residence would benefit from.
Pill Reminder is a voice messaging service that calls a person at scheduled times throughout the day an night to remind them to go to where they keep their medications and to take them now. If the person is not home, the service will leave a message reminding him or her to take either their breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime medications when they get home. Each resident sets his or her calling times depending on how many times a day they take their medications.
I’ve been told by many Independent Living Community leasing agents that my service is would be like an insurance policy for their residents. As you already know today’s seniors are reluctant to talk about their health issue. Most think they have everything well in control but as we both know they don’t. Some of your residence are barely hanging on to their health and some need some sort of assistance getting around.
The best part of our service is that there is no new equipment to buy and no new pill taking technology for your residence to learn: all they have to do is answer the phone, follow our voice instructions and take their pills.
For the past 30 months this service has been helping people 30 to 90 years old from all walks of life take their medications on time daily using the pill reminder service. I feel very confident that this service can do the same for your residence.
There is nothing for you to manage or maintain, once set up our computerized calling service takes over and deliveries On-time Pill Reminder Messages to each individual living in your community.
Not only are we helping each resident consume their medications as prescribed by their doctors but we are also helping your bottom line with higher occupancy rates.  
I know of several  Independent Living communities who have purchased the “Life Alert” system for all their residence to help the communities staff member know if one of their residence has fallen. The service doesn’t prevent falls it just notifies the staff when an event happens. This is a REACTIVE service.
What’s great about the Pill Reminder is that is a PROACTIVE service! Pill Reminders help prevent an adverse health events while encouraging each resident to maintain a scheduled “pill taking routine” as a path to a healthier life style.

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